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Cave Chaos: The Super Easy Interactive Online Game

Cave Chaos: The Super Easy Interactive Online Game

Online video games have acquired immense popularity. This is mainly because they are absolutely free of cost and available 24*7. Furthermore, there interesting story behind each game play also entices the game enthusiasts to try out such online flash games. Cave Chaos is an example of an interactive and engaging game.

Cave Chaos is a multiplayer game that was introduced to the gaming world by MiniClip on &th October, 2009. Over the past seven years, this online flash game has popped up as one of the popular plays in the gaming world because of its interesting story line and an engaging design of the entire game. Its sequel was also introduced in the market in 20th June, 2012, proving that the game has a big fan following and with each passing day the number of participants are also increasing.

Storytelling approach of the game makes it engaging

The game starts with a story where a brown miner is found to be moving up to a cave, referred as the “Starfish Cove. The miner looks behind him, but continues to walk towards the cave and passes across a heap of uneven rocks. He stops for a few seconds and unfortunately the rock falls down on which he is standing and the miner falls as well. Thus, it is clear that the game demands you to keep the miner moving passing through all the hurdles.

What do you have to do in the game?

As a player you have to ensure that you are controlling the miner to pass through all the caves before they start collapsing. The main goal of the protagonist character is to continue running without making any pause till the end of the level without falling down. The main obstacle while playing Cave Chaos that you will find is that the base of the floor keeps collapsing. This means that you have to move ahead until you reach the end of the level and go up to the next level.

List of objects the miner will pass through in the game

Mushrooms - If the miner lands on a mushroom, he will be thrown high up in the air. The scenario will appear similar to the one jumping via a trampoline.

Lanterns - They appear at the end of each level and only on touching them you are given the access to reach the next level or stage of the game. If you are playing the multiplayer mode, the role of lantern is different. In case your miner has fallen and the other player comes holding a lantern, your miner will get a life and will be back on the screen.

Rocks and Barrels - You can push these two objects in order to get across the rails.

Mining carts - Depending on the cart, it can hold variable numbers of passengers and take them across the rails.

Loved and applauded by all
Overall, it can be said that Cave Chaos has become a popular interactive game among the kids, adults and even elderly people who have the interest in playing online video games. Because of the simple game play controls, user friendly interface and the easy availability on the web at absolutely free of cost make this flash online game so adored among the gaming enthusiasts.

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